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Mycond Products

Climate control equipment for your comfort


The product line-up presented in the series is designed to provide large spaces or several small rooms with fresh air using a single unit

Fan Coil Units

These chilling climate control units are designed for large industrial facilities, as well as private and commercial buildings


Efficient and reliable humidification and dehumidification equipment for various spaces

Modular Heat Pumps

Meet the most efficient equipment that provides heating, as well as air conditioning and domestic hot water at premises or various areas, ranging from small offices to large commercial facilities

Automatic Controls

A programmable thermostat can help reduce the operating costs by turning your HVAC system on when you anticipate being home, and off when you don’t think you’ll need indoor climate control

MySmart equipment

Affordable and versatile solution for a smart home, apartment, or office
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Energy recovery
ventilation units
MVS***-DW series

The energy-saving ventilation unit is designed to supply filtered and heated fresh air into the room
Energy recovery <br/>ventilation units<br/> MVS***-DW series

Artwork design
fan coil units
Glass series

The new Glass series of artist-built fan coil units is designed for exceptional interiors. The models have been designed in a modern style to blend in any interior or be as discreet as possible
Artwork design <br/>fan coil units <br/>Glass series

air dehumidifiers
YUGO Smart 16

This is a compact, efficient and incredibly quiet air dehumidifier, which is perfect for bedrooms, guest rooms, and study rooms. This dehumidifier is energy-efficient and will not disturb your sleep thanks to the low noise level. The unit supports Wi-Fi control via the MYCOND app, You can also control the air dehumidifier remotely and configure various smart operation scenarios in combination with other MYCOND equipment.
Residential<br/> air dehumidifiers <br/>YUGO Smart 16

Modular heat pump

The STANDARD generation of MCU-YH modular air-to-water heat pumps features enhanced controls and microprocessor-based architecture, resulting in extended range of cooling and heating operation and improved adaptability to modern comfort demands. You can combine maximum 16 heat pumps units to obtain a total capacity of 60 kW to 2080 kW
Modular heat pump<br/>  STANDARD  MCU-YH series

Heating floor thermostat Mycond New Touch

Elegant design will suit modern interiors. Due to the contrast display you can do your own climate easily both in day and night. This thermostat controls the water or electric heating floor. The programmable mode allows saving costs using adjustable temperature settings for each time interval
Heating floor thermostat Mycond  New Touch

Zigbee Wireless HUB

Using this hub you have the possibility to connect a wide range of different devices, supporting the Zigbee connection protocol. You can manage all these devices from your smartphone or tablet, setting up home automation and enjoy comfort
Zigbee Wireless HUB
About the company
About the company

MYCOND is a company with extensive experience in the HVAC market.


Along with creation of advanced products and solutions, Mycond transforms

your space into an interconnected platform. The brand’s lineup allows fitting

up your housing or commercial real estate to ensure a comfortable microclimate.

All the systems complement each other perfectly for enhanced ease of use.


Mycond is the perfect choice for those concerned about the environment,

efficiency and personal comfort. We truly believe and do our best

to ensure that each of you can enjoy the comfort you deserve.